Phen Grant — Illustration, Graphic Design & Art Direction


Studio Apparatus


Studio Apparatus is a professional production studio that specializes in photography and video shoots. 

I stepped in to simplify their brand identity and clean up the visuals throughout the space. I tackled online, in-house, social media, and email blasts. We decided on a monochromatic, angular approach with an Art-Deco influenced brand-mark to compliment the vibes of the space.


I created business cards, fliers, in-house signage, social media banners, email blasts, and website design for Apparatus. The visuals of the design correlated to the shapes and angles in the space and brand mark. Brand mark collaboration with Josh Hymes.  


I created a welcome book, as well as templates for email blasts.
We're working together to create a fun, illustrated theme for new workshops and events as well.



Photography: David Kasyanyuk